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Technical translations


Technical translations

abc TRADUCCIONS has professional translators specialised in different areas who can guarantee the translations’ quality and accuracy.

Technical translations: translations of patents, brand registrations, manuals, any type of technical specification, computer software or hardware, electronics, engineering, architecture.

Translations of business documents, commercial, literary, advertising, financial, legal, medical, veterinary, computer, electronics, engineering, architecture, catalogues, brochures, manuals, etc. 

Medical translations, brochures, documentation on any type of pharmaceutical product, formulas, scientific texts, veterinary medicine, etc. 

Financial translations, business translations, balance sheets, meeting minutes, sales documentation.

Translations of machine manuals, occupational hazards prevention, sales techniques. 

Personal translations, letters, any type of document.

Translations of books, educational books, specialised magazines, etc. 

Translations of restaurant menus, recipe books, etc. 

Music translations, songs, books, magazines, etc. 

Translations for advertising, advertisements, brochures, flyers, catalogues, all types of marketing material, etc.

Religious translations for all faiths. 


abc TRADUCCIONS has been working in translations since 1987, and has built up an extensive network of native-speaking professional translators.


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